Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 Tiles Down!

The patio is finished and now its time for some clean up. Some of that gunk that they put in between the brick needs to be scrubbed off to give it a fresh look! My husband wrote to himself on a note that when he got home he was going to get the tiles scrubbed. Since I have been asking him to let me help with the patio in some way I figured this would be it! I would scrub the tiles, (I just noticed that I keep calling them tiles. Maybe that is one of the reasons why he wouldnt let me help?) and then a very happy man would come home from work to a clean patio and a shorter to do list. Well, first of all, me and hot weather have a history. I mean we go way back. He be burning up my skin  and making me sweat and getting me all angry with his blinding rays. So I have never really been into the whole 90 degree weather and up thing. Besides, hes in a hot and heavy relationship with my sister;) So, I went out and scrubbed my little heart out for about six hours! Ok, it was like 5 minutes, but in this heat I couldve lost track of time! I then turned to the kiddie pool and spent the rest of my time outdoors in a pool of warm water with my son. and I had a blast! Needless to say the patio was, better, but I dont have the elbow grease for a job like this! My husband came out and showed me how its done later so we now have one gleaming brick and the rest of my sub-par handiwork.
The next day I tried again. This time with the giant push broom. I scrubbed the crap out of that thing for yes, another 5 minutes. Nothing. Grrrrr. Last night when it was cooler out I took the kids out and got down on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and a nail brush and went at it again. This time, Im beginning to see results but Ive come to a conclusion: I was not made for manual labor. I believe when God made me, He put in my heart the part of the eyes, ears, and mouth of the body of Christ. I love to watch my kids play, Hear them giggle when they dig into a pile of mud and laugh like crazy when I see the lighter side of something going on around me. I hate the bugs out there. I hate sweating. I just hate working in those conditions. I know, lame excuse. But Im not going to pretend like I honestly think God made me a drone for hardworking like that. Im a sidelines type of gal. Behind the scenes! Im not a leader and I am terrible at delegating work and organization. Im not saying I dont need to work on these things because I could definitely use a good dose of hard work and responsibility sometimes. It makes me really appreciate the people that are really good that those things! In this case, Ill scrub some more. Help my husband out. But Id rather be sitting in a puddle of mud with the kids sipping iced tea and watching my hubby, preferably shirtless;), working in the yard. Aaaahhhhh, what a life, and what a man!!

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