Saturday, August 14, 2010

What the Pati-yo?

Ah, the backyard...a place of relaxation and rest. A place for bbqs, lounging, and playtime for the kids. Am I talking about my backyard? Noooo! My backyard is a wasteland. I believe there are new spieces of plant life back there as well as a new breed of arachnid! I killed a WHITE spider that was crawling up my husbands shoe the other day in the backyard. I could see it in the eyes of the tiny beast that he was up for killing a human being, the love of my life! My bravery exceeded my expectations as I quickly kicked the eight legged monster off and instantly heard the theme song from "The Greatest American Hero" being played as my ego rewarded me for the dangerous feat. Anyways, Ive seen fire and Ive seen rain, but Ive never seen some of the things Ive witnessed in my own backyard anywhere else on earth! (Which we all know Im so well traveled;)) This has troubled me and my idea of what a backyard should be. I yearn for an outdoor haven for me and the fam to chill out in! I expressed this to my hubby and fortunately I married a keeper and while it took a bit for him to jump on board with my eagerness to get the job done, he finally got ready for the transformation. The first step for us is the patio. LeRoy is expanding the patio with brick and working hard! He has been digging, and using a compressor thing, and shoveling, and sweating ;), and wheelbarrowing, and looking good doing it! ahhhhh, anyways, I keep asking if there is a way I can help but we both know that Im probably more helpful inside keeping the fluids flowing and restocking our freezer with DelMonte Fruit Chillers. I hope that with the destruction of the wasteland that was the backyard that there has been an extinction. an extinction of indoor summer parties, an extinction of wild weed plants, bugs, and white spiders, and an extinction of me complaining about the backside of the homestead!

Believe it or not, Im walking on air. I never thought I could feel so freeeeee! Flying away on a patio and outdoor furniture! Who could it be? Believe it or not its just me!

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