Friday, July 30, 2010

Clean sheets everyday...jealous?

My sheets have seen their fair share of vomit, diarrhea, and now urine in the last few weeks! Im not kidding I dont think we have slept in our sheets for more than three days in a row before they get something spewed, leaked, or spread across them and they need to be washed again. Last night was one of the first nights in weeks I was able to fall asleep because I was actually somewhat relaxed. I have been passing out ue to exhaustion or after a couple hours of anxiety. Let me tell ya, hardest part if being a mom is worrying about your kids when you know something is not right. Anyways, since Ive lost some of my mind, I forgot to put eli in a pull up before putting him to bed, our bed, last night. I am awakened at 1:30am in a puddle of my sons urine! He didnt even wake up! I was soaked, he was soaked, and even my husband woke up for a brief moment mentioning he thought he felt a little damp before he fell back asleep. So, here I am again in the middle of the night trying to clean up a mess as quickly as possible so that I can get back to sleep. Ok, strip the boy, put on a pull up, lay down a towel on pee, lay folded sheet on top of towel, replace still sleeping child to patched place on bed, change my shirt, get back into bed, take a big whiff to make sure the urine smell isnt too bad and try to get back to sleep after all of that. Ahhhhh! Perfect! Poor me? Oh no, I get to sleep in between two cuddle bugs on clean sheets tonight:)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soccer Mom

Well, I am officially a soccer mom and proud of it! My Eli is soooo stinkin cute out there! Imagine his beautiful little blond head bouncing about as he runs after, and then around the ball that he is supposed to be kicking toward a goal somewhere! Absolutely darling! I love seeing his face as we cheer him on while he is running his heart out. His enthusiasm when his coach tells him its his turn out on the field. How he is the first one at the ball ready to hand it back to the coach the minute it hits the inside of the goal net. He is excitement and love and joy and energy balled up into the most amazing little boy you will ever meet. My husband and I were talking with a friend tonight about kids and their energy as we had met a boy tonight on the field that was playing with my husband and just wanted some playful attention. His mom had made a comment about him not having his medication today and it really made me sad. Since when are kids supposed to act like little robots that sit quietly and make no noise until summoned by an adult to say what they are supposed to say? Kids are supposed to be rowdy, loud, crazy, playful, explorers! They are supposed to drive you alittle up the wall sometimes! They are supposed to kick the ball into the wrong goal...thrice! Its cute! Those are what memories are made of! Those are how relationships are made! I hate to see kids amazing ability to freely and wildly investigate how the world works be medicated with drugs that turn them into little zombies. I wouldnt change the heart of a child for anything. That is why I absolutely LOVE it when I see my son dancing around on the soccer field, stop what he is doing to watch an airplane pass by, laugh his head off while he discovers a new strange sound he can made with his mouth, etc! My heart absolutely finds joy in seeing my kid act like a kid. When I can tell he is enjoying himself and enjoying being carefree and silly that is when I know that I am doing something right as a mother. Now I just gotta get me a minivan!

What a Feeling!

Wow! First of all, I was able to shower today, by myself I might add, for the first time in...oh I dont even know how long! Disgusting, I know. I mean, I even got to shave my legs people! My husband will be so happy! A very pleasant experience today as well due to the fact taht I just bought some new razors the other night. Noxzema spa shave 4 blades baby!! I usually just grab the regular colorful cheap ones but this last trip to the store I was alone, so I decided to make this choice a thoughtful one. Granted, I didnt go over the price of the old ones but I did branch out and looked for something that spoke, "Im a razor, but Im still going to take care of you" Wow! And did they ever! I wanted to shave my head! These things are fantastic! Felt like I was shaving with a stick of butter!

Uh oh, gotta go. My son is begging for a pepto bismol tablet! Peace!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I still got it!!!

This really makes me laugh because on.

So I noticed that I lost my wallet this afternoon while digging in my bottomless pit for the thing to get our insurance cards out. Since The troops and I havent left the house in the last couple of days I knew where I had to have lost it: The dreaded Wal-Mart! I called when I got home and sure enough, they told me it was there and I said Id be right there. I left the kids with my husband and bedraggled from the day I left the house as usual, a mess and I knew it and didnt care one bit! Walking into Wal-Mart I noticed someone collecting money for something but knowing I didnt have any money I somehow felt even guiltier than when I do and dont give at all. So, I simply smiled and said hello to which I got the response, "You are looking very lovely tonight Ma'am." Say wha...? Haha, reason number one this makes me laugh: I look lovely when one thinks I have money to give. Sorry brother, no dinero on this chica. But still I walked into Wal-Mart feeling a slight confidence boost nonetheless. When I reach customer service Im waiting for the manager to unlock my wallet from wherever they keep such valuables as my Target wallet with a broken zipper and no money in it. The girls start laughing and talking about some guy that works with them that saw my drivers license picture and begged them to call him to customer service so that he could give it to me when I got there. Haha, reason number two this makes me laugh: My drivers license picture was taken before I had children! I joked with the gals about this very thing and told them to break it gently to the boy that he was indeed decieved by the picture of the well rested, put together 21 year old that decorates the front of my wallet and that I was in fact a married woman. Break it gently to him, but lets not keep the boy thinking that all of us young flowers stay in full bloom forever if you know what I mean!

I by no means am saying I dont deserve compliment or think that I cant turn the head of a man anymore. I guess I just think a little differently now in terms of what it means to be beautiful so when I do encounter situations like this I have to laugh because beauty isnt what you see in a picture and it isnt even the confidence one might notice when you walk into a room. Real beauty is what comes out of your mouth and your heart. Every woman wants to know that she is still beautiful, but it means more when it comes from the men I spend my life with. My husband telling me Im beautiful right after Ive gotten both of the kids in bed, or times like this morning when my three year old opens his eyes at 530am and whispers, "Mommy, Youre beautiful" He is going to make the best husband one day:)

Yup, I still got it!

Sick of being sick!

A couple of weeks ago the critters came down with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. The sickness lasted about a week and I thought all was well. Well, last week E threw up in the middle of the night twice! and now Harps is following and has puked the last two nights! What in the world is going on with the critters?! They are fine during the day, and puke at night! Also, Ive been really dizzy lately and not sure if its related to the sickness in the kids or what, but we are all three going to the doc at 4pm today to figure out what is going on with us! On a side note, Im starting to get used to the smell of vomit, although still unpleasantly recognizable, I dont gag whenever the pungent aroma hits my nostrils:)

E has not puked since last thursday night, fingers crossed he doesnt again, but we are onto a new, but not foreign, problem with him: constipation! Let me tell you that child went from diarrhea city to me pumping prune juice down his throat to try and get anything moving down there! He has sat on the potty several times now with no brown buddies to show for it:( Hopefully we can get a monsturd out before the appointment so I can tell them something good!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kathie Lee Gifford

Yes, this is the title to my first blog post. Its funny what strikes kids as awesome. Kathie Lee is no exception. I turned on the television this morning so Eli could watch some good old PBS but was instead welcomed to the set of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Just as I was about to turn the channel Eli says, " Mommy! I like that girl in the green shirt!" I look up to see a glowing Mrs. Gifford in a kelly green blouse with gold charms hanging around the neckline. I agree she is something else, and then tell him what her name is. Then, for the next 5 minutes I hear repeatedly from my three year old son, "I like Kathie Lee Gifford mom." Sweet.

The muffins are done! We are sitting at the table and I hear Eli saying to himself as he eats the top off my first muffin, "I love mommy. Shes just my special girl." He gets a little louder then and makes sure I hear, " Yeah, and Im gonna buy you a rainbow dress with sparkles on it!" Even sweeter.Haha, eat my sparkly dust Kathie Lee!