Saturday, August 21, 2010

God Bless the Awkward Moment!

There are some things in life that I thrive on. Im not talking about the obvious things like my faith, family, or confidence level. Im talking about lifes extra crazy, strange, awkward moments that I believe the good Lord throws your way to give you a good laugh and that you can go back to over and over when in conversations where the ice needs to be broken! I always like to start off new relationships with the story of peeing in my sisters bed as I slept in it with her shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Eli. There is something about an embarrassing story that brings people together. It lets everyones guards down and the air feels lighter and you feel free to let people in when you can bond over something like peeing on your bathroom floor while awake and running into a parked car on your bike! Its pretty hard to embarrass me because I see these funny things that happen to me as a story to share and a simple good laugh that is kind of hard to come by these days. Many mornings I will pray to God to show me the lighter side of something and to bring something funny and unexpected into my day. That usually brings me something my kids do or say which is even better! But now, a tale from today....

Parade day! It was the fair parade in downtown Kennewick and we were having a blast running for candy, drinking free coke, and waving at the princesses on all the pretty floats. The parade has become quite the advertisement for many companies and, mostly, politicians these days and you can expect to get many fliers about the candidates and stickers. But there was a young hispanic girl that almost got something more.
I noticed a former coworkers daughter walking with the group of people representing a candidate for something or other, and yelled her name. I gave her a hug and immediately began looking for her mother and two other sisters to say hello to. Well, as she ran off I thought I saw one of the other sisters and as she turned around with a big smile, I cupped her face in my hands and went in for a kiss on the cheek of this little angel! Turns out it was an angel...someone elses angel! The girl I thought I recognized as my friends daughter was indeed just another child from the crowd of kids running into the street to get some candy! I saw the look of confusion and fear in her eyes as she felt my hands on her cheeks! I quickly pulled them off of her and started laughing as I realized what I had just done! I walked to my laughing family and the little girl ran safely into the arms of her probably just as concerned father who was standing right behind where we were seated.

Aaaah, thank you Lord for answered prayers:)

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