Monday, August 23, 2010

I love it, I love it, I love it!

As I was dancing around the house with the critters today, I was thinking of how blessed I am to be a part of every second of their lives. Being a stay at home mom is probably the best gig in the whole wide world! I wake up when I want, or to the sounds of chattering and giggles from my kids, I can stay in my jammies all day, play games, read books, dance around like a goon, go to the park, and pants are optional everyday! I was seriously made for this! Every night when I put my kids to bed I thank God for blessing us with the means to allow me to stay at home with them and for a husband that values mebeing at home also. I cant imagine missing any laugh, tear, playtime, or anything else going on in my kids lives for anything inthe whole world! They are such awesome pictures of Gods love and grace for me! I think most people know that LeRoy and I got pregnant before we were married. It was definitely not something we were prepared to face in our relationship and that is why it happened. We put our guards down and made a mistake. But God is a good God and he forgives when we come to him and He blessed us despite our mistake and gave us the most beautiful picture of grace: Eli! Everytime I look at my son I can see how much God loves me and it blesses me to no end! I love watching the way the Lord speaks to us as humans on earth. Sunsets, butterflies, a good laugh...God knows what will calm our hearts and make us smile and he does it in the most unique ways.The otehr day at Lowes we ran into two hummingbirds! So adorable! As I watched them flutter all around Eli as he danced around in excitement I was so thankful to watch my kids being loved on by God. I believe he sends things like that our way for our enjoyment.and boy did they enjoy it! We stayed at those red and purple flowers with those hummingbirds until they flew away:)
My zucchini bread is done now so Im off to sleep in between my little angels and I will drift off knowing that
God has put me in my position as a stay at home mom because He knows my desires, my heart, and my kids. and He loves all three:)

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