Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, Im dizzy. I have been for months now, only for the past week and a half its been worse. Ive had every test done under the sun and still no sign of why Im dizzy. Jeez louise! Im thinking of opening a clinic with a few die hard docs that dont mind long, long, no I mean really long hours and focusing on one patient at a time until diagnoses is done and the patient is treated for whatever they came in for in the first place. Im sounding a little like Sid the Science Kid now but I reallly think if someone with deep enough pockets thought of this, well, their pockets would be even deeper! I would pay extra to cut the nonsense of multiple visits throughout the course of two years to get it all done and over with! Right?! Yeah, I thought so. Anyways....onto the good stuff.

Ive been neglecting my blog because Ive been wrapped up in my own garbage spinning! haha! well, heres what you missed: A GREAT STORY!

I was at home chillin with my mom and the kiddos when we decided to go outside in our finished grassland and let the critters play. Chatting with the Gram I was so excited to let my kids roam without worrying about where they were going in the weeds or to what side of our gateless yard they were wandering. I forgot that just because there is new yard to be appreciated, not everyone appreciates it. Especially not dogs! So all this time Ive been so excited to get outside and put my toes in the plush fescue and Grunt was crapping mountains in it. Needless to say, my daughter discovered one of these "mountains" and brought it over to me on the patio. I quickly got her to drop the enormous turd and rushed her inside to wash her hands a million billion times. But the story doesnt end there....
I then made the call to pick up the poo in the yard. since its new grass, my husband said not to use our poop rake as it would pull up precious young grasslings so I put on a glove, wrapped my hand in a plastic bag and would grab the poo with said hand and deposit the waste into another plastic bag awaiting the feces. Now, picking up poo has never been my thing but if I can scoop it and see how far I can fling it into the field behind our house, it can be a little less horrifying. This day.....oh this day.....I was gagging and gagging. With each pile of mess I picked up I could feel myself getting closer to hurling. I began to heave so badly I had to stop three turds short and just leave them where they were at. I picked up the poo filled bag and went to the door to have my mom open it to let me through the house and to the front where our dumpster sits. I couldnt even lift the bag without heaving. I got to the edge of the yard and vomited. My mother watched in horror as my dog returned to my vomit. Oh yes, he did. She ran from the door not able to handle the disgusting sight of me puking and my dog enjoying it. The poo bag did make it to the trash and I did eat that evening, but, ladies and gentlemen, I will NEVER pick up dog poo EVER again.

you like that? yeah, I knew you would...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mommy, scared?! Noooooo......

Well, I was supposed to go on a trip friday with the girls to go see Earth, Wind, and Fire at the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery but Im such a mom that I couldnt leave my Eli behind so we decided on a family trip to
Boulder Cave up past Naches. My husband had looked it up the week before and funny enough I had just heard about it as well from my cousin Jennie and thought it sounded totally awesome! My husband and I both thought it was a hike up to the cave and a peek inside and then a hike back from where you came. I was also picturing the cave to be a small hole in the side of a medium sized rock. You know, the kind they find heiroglyphs in and maybe a small bat or two lives way in the back because a fuzzy family of bears occupies the cave with sofas, a small kitchen, and of course, honey galore. Eli has been asking us to go on an adventure for some time now so we were so excited to take him up to the cave. At home LeRoy and Eli packed their guns, grenades, knives, binoculars, and a headlamp for the trip. Eli was set! The picture of my boys walking with their backpacks on, Elis has Buzz Lightyear on it and LeRoys is one that I got as a prize from a dance team championship, hehehe:) Anyways, we set off with ready to explore and the kids full of excitement! harper Jo even got a new pair of shoes for the trip;) We first see a cave that is young and still being carved out down in the canyon and I am confused because that looks like a pretty big cave! Dangerous! oooohhh! Now Im a little nervous as to what is in that thing! We walk a little further and there is a sign leading you to the entrance or the exit of the cave and I realize you get to walk entirely through this thing! I still couldnt see it though so I figured it couldnt be very big. Once we were down the hill that leads to the entrance my breath was taken away by a huge wall of solid rock with a big black hole in it! Eek! Eli immediately starts asking if there are bad things in there and I instantly am aware of the frightened look on my face and I tell him with a smile that there are no bad things in the cave and mommy and daddy would never take him somewhere there are bad things. We take a few pictures outside the cave and then read the cave guidelines that remind you that no flash photography is to be taken and keep your voice at a whisper as to not disturb the BATS! Im not terrified of bats, but Im also not exactly thrilled with the images going through my head of one of my children starting to yell and a gaggle of bats flying around my head as I run and scream in terror only to attract more of the flying beasts. But then again, I think, that would make for a really good story. It didnt happen. So here I am still thinking that this cave must be small once you get inside. Well, onceyou get inside there is a point where it becomes pitch black! You literally cannot see one thing in there besides the blessed green glow of the rocks right in front of you from my husbands headlamp. As we are fumbling to find our way through all I can think of is what in the world this place would look like if it were all lit up? How many bats are overhead? How high or low is the top of this thing? How deep is the water that is running past us? Well, I still dont know the answers to those questions and maybe Im glad I dont! What I did know was what daylight looks like at the end of a long dark cave. It was so much fun and exciting being in there and experiencing a part of nature like that that we decided to go through a second time! We ended up having a fabulous time and I was able to enjoy the creepiness of the cave. I guess a large dark cave is better than a cave full of bears!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I love it, I love it, I love it!

As I was dancing around the house with the critters today, I was thinking of how blessed I am to be a part of every second of their lives. Being a stay at home mom is probably the best gig in the whole wide world! I wake up when I want, or to the sounds of chattering and giggles from my kids, I can stay in my jammies all day, play games, read books, dance around like a goon, go to the park, and pants are optional everyday! I was seriously made for this! Every night when I put my kids to bed I thank God for blessing us with the means to allow me to stay at home with them and for a husband that values mebeing at home also. I cant imagine missing any laugh, tear, playtime, or anything else going on in my kids lives for anything inthe whole world! They are such awesome pictures of Gods love and grace for me! I think most people know that LeRoy and I got pregnant before we were married. It was definitely not something we were prepared to face in our relationship and that is why it happened. We put our guards down and made a mistake. But God is a good God and he forgives when we come to him and He blessed us despite our mistake and gave us the most beautiful picture of grace: Eli! Everytime I look at my son I can see how much God loves me and it blesses me to no end! I love watching the way the Lord speaks to us as humans on earth. Sunsets, butterflies, a good laugh...God knows what will calm our hearts and make us smile and he does it in the most unique ways.The otehr day at Lowes we ran into two hummingbirds! So adorable! As I watched them flutter all around Eli as he danced around in excitement I was so thankful to watch my kids being loved on by God. I believe he sends things like that our way for our enjoyment.and boy did they enjoy it! We stayed at those red and purple flowers with those hummingbirds until they flew away:)
My zucchini bread is done now so Im off to sleep in between my little angels and I will drift off knowing that
God has put me in my position as a stay at home mom because He knows my desires, my heart, and my kids. and He loves all three:)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

God Bless the Awkward Moment!

There are some things in life that I thrive on. Im not talking about the obvious things like my faith, family, or confidence level. Im talking about lifes extra crazy, strange, awkward moments that I believe the good Lord throws your way to give you a good laugh and that you can go back to over and over when in conversations where the ice needs to be broken! I always like to start off new relationships with the story of peeing in my sisters bed as I slept in it with her shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Eli. There is something about an embarrassing story that brings people together. It lets everyones guards down and the air feels lighter and you feel free to let people in when you can bond over something like peeing on your bathroom floor while awake and running into a parked car on your bike! Its pretty hard to embarrass me because I see these funny things that happen to me as a story to share and a simple good laugh that is kind of hard to come by these days. Many mornings I will pray to God to show me the lighter side of something and to bring something funny and unexpected into my day. That usually brings me something my kids do or say which is even better! But now, a tale from today....

Parade day! It was the fair parade in downtown Kennewick and we were having a blast running for candy, drinking free coke, and waving at the princesses on all the pretty floats. The parade has become quite the advertisement for many companies and, mostly, politicians these days and you can expect to get many fliers about the candidates and stickers. But there was a young hispanic girl that almost got something more.
I noticed a former coworkers daughter walking with the group of people representing a candidate for something or other, and yelled her name. I gave her a hug and immediately began looking for her mother and two other sisters to say hello to. Well, as she ran off I thought I saw one of the other sisters and as she turned around with a big smile, I cupped her face in my hands and went in for a kiss on the cheek of this little angel! Turns out it was an angel...someone elses angel! The girl I thought I recognized as my friends daughter was indeed just another child from the crowd of kids running into the street to get some candy! I saw the look of confusion and fear in her eyes as she felt my hands on her cheeks! I quickly pulled them off of her and started laughing as I realized what I had just done! I walked to my laughing family and the little girl ran safely into the arms of her probably just as concerned father who was standing right behind where we were seated.

Aaaah, thank you Lord for answered prayers:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 Tiles Down!

The patio is finished and now its time for some clean up. Some of that gunk that they put in between the brick needs to be scrubbed off to give it a fresh look! My husband wrote to himself on a note that when he got home he was going to get the tiles scrubbed. Since I have been asking him to let me help with the patio in some way I figured this would be it! I would scrub the tiles, (I just noticed that I keep calling them tiles. Maybe that is one of the reasons why he wouldnt let me help?) and then a very happy man would come home from work to a clean patio and a shorter to do list. Well, first of all, me and hot weather have a history. I mean we go way back. He be burning up my skin  and making me sweat and getting me all angry with his blinding rays. So I have never really been into the whole 90 degree weather and up thing. Besides, hes in a hot and heavy relationship with my sister;) So, I went out and scrubbed my little heart out for about six hours! Ok, it was like 5 minutes, but in this heat I couldve lost track of time! I then turned to the kiddie pool and spent the rest of my time outdoors in a pool of warm water with my son. and I had a blast! Needless to say the patio was, better, but I dont have the elbow grease for a job like this! My husband came out and showed me how its done later so we now have one gleaming brick and the rest of my sub-par handiwork.
The next day I tried again. This time with the giant push broom. I scrubbed the crap out of that thing for yes, another 5 minutes. Nothing. Grrrrr. Last night when it was cooler out I took the kids out and got down on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and a nail brush and went at it again. This time, Im beginning to see results but Ive come to a conclusion: I was not made for manual labor. I believe when God made me, He put in my heart the part of the eyes, ears, and mouth of the body of Christ. I love to watch my kids play, Hear them giggle when they dig into a pile of mud and laugh like crazy when I see the lighter side of something going on around me. I hate the bugs out there. I hate sweating. I just hate working in those conditions. I know, lame excuse. But Im not going to pretend like I honestly think God made me a drone for hardworking like that. Im a sidelines type of gal. Behind the scenes! Im not a leader and I am terrible at delegating work and organization. Im not saying I dont need to work on these things because I could definitely use a good dose of hard work and responsibility sometimes. It makes me really appreciate the people that are really good that those things! In this case, Ill scrub some more. Help my husband out. But Id rather be sitting in a puddle of mud with the kids sipping iced tea and watching my hubby, preferably shirtless;), working in the yard. Aaaahhhhh, what a life, and what a man!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What the Pati-yo?

Ah, the backyard...a place of relaxation and rest. A place for bbqs, lounging, and playtime for the kids. Am I talking about my backyard? Noooo! My backyard is a wasteland. I believe there are new spieces of plant life back there as well as a new breed of arachnid! I killed a WHITE spider that was crawling up my husbands shoe the other day in the backyard. I could see it in the eyes of the tiny beast that he was up for killing a human being, the love of my life! My bravery exceeded my expectations as I quickly kicked the eight legged monster off and instantly heard the theme song from "The Greatest American Hero" being played as my ego rewarded me for the dangerous feat. Anyways, Ive seen fire and Ive seen rain, but Ive never seen some of the things Ive witnessed in my own backyard anywhere else on earth! (Which we all know Im so well traveled;)) This has troubled me and my idea of what a backyard should be. I yearn for an outdoor haven for me and the fam to chill out in! I expressed this to my hubby and fortunately I married a keeper and while it took a bit for him to jump on board with my eagerness to get the job done, he finally got ready for the transformation. The first step for us is the patio. LeRoy is expanding the patio with brick and working hard! He has been digging, and using a compressor thing, and shoveling, and sweating ;), and wheelbarrowing, and looking good doing it! ahhhhh, anyways, I keep asking if there is a way I can help but we both know that Im probably more helpful inside keeping the fluids flowing and restocking our freezer with DelMonte Fruit Chillers. I hope that with the destruction of the wasteland that was the backyard that there has been an extinction. an extinction of indoor summer parties, an extinction of wild weed plants, bugs, and white spiders, and an extinction of me complaining about the backside of the homestead!

Believe it or not, Im walking on air. I never thought I could feel so freeeeee! Flying away on a patio and outdoor furniture! Who could it be? Believe it or not its just me!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Clean sheets everyday...jealous?

My sheets have seen their fair share of vomit, diarrhea, and now urine in the last few weeks! Im not kidding I dont think we have slept in our sheets for more than three days in a row before they get something spewed, leaked, or spread across them and they need to be washed again. Last night was one of the first nights in weeks I was able to fall asleep because I was actually somewhat relaxed. I have been passing out ue to exhaustion or after a couple hours of anxiety. Let me tell ya, hardest part if being a mom is worrying about your kids when you know something is not right. Anyways, since Ive lost some of my mind, I forgot to put eli in a pull up before putting him to bed, our bed, last night. I am awakened at 1:30am in a puddle of my sons urine! He didnt even wake up! I was soaked, he was soaked, and even my husband woke up for a brief moment mentioning he thought he felt a little damp before he fell back asleep. So, here I am again in the middle of the night trying to clean up a mess as quickly as possible so that I can get back to sleep. Ok, strip the boy, put on a pull up, lay down a towel on pee, lay folded sheet on top of towel, replace still sleeping child to patched place on bed, change my shirt, get back into bed, take a big whiff to make sure the urine smell isnt too bad and try to get back to sleep after all of that. Ahhhhh! Perfect! Poor me? Oh no, I get to sleep in between two cuddle bugs on clean sheets tonight:)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soccer Mom

Well, I am officially a soccer mom and proud of it! My Eli is soooo stinkin cute out there! Imagine his beautiful little blond head bouncing about as he runs after, and then around the ball that he is supposed to be kicking toward a goal somewhere! Absolutely darling! I love seeing his face as we cheer him on while he is running his heart out. His enthusiasm when his coach tells him its his turn out on the field. How he is the first one at the ball ready to hand it back to the coach the minute it hits the inside of the goal net. He is excitement and love and joy and energy balled up into the most amazing little boy you will ever meet. My husband and I were talking with a friend tonight about kids and their energy as we had met a boy tonight on the field that was playing with my husband and just wanted some playful attention. His mom had made a comment about him not having his medication today and it really made me sad. Since when are kids supposed to act like little robots that sit quietly and make no noise until summoned by an adult to say what they are supposed to say? Kids are supposed to be rowdy, loud, crazy, playful, explorers! They are supposed to drive you alittle up the wall sometimes! They are supposed to kick the ball into the wrong goal...thrice! Its cute! Those are what memories are made of! Those are how relationships are made! I hate to see kids amazing ability to freely and wildly investigate how the world works be medicated with drugs that turn them into little zombies. I wouldnt change the heart of a child for anything. That is why I absolutely LOVE it when I see my son dancing around on the soccer field, stop what he is doing to watch an airplane pass by, laugh his head off while he discovers a new strange sound he can made with his mouth, etc! My heart absolutely finds joy in seeing my kid act like a kid. When I can tell he is enjoying himself and enjoying being carefree and silly that is when I know that I am doing something right as a mother. Now I just gotta get me a minivan!

What a Feeling!

Wow! First of all, I was able to shower today, by myself I might add, for the first time in...oh I dont even know how long! Disgusting, I know. I mean, I even got to shave my legs people! My husband will be so happy! A very pleasant experience today as well due to the fact taht I just bought some new razors the other night. Noxzema spa shave 4 blades baby!! I usually just grab the regular colorful cheap ones but this last trip to the store I was alone, so I decided to make this choice a thoughtful one. Granted, I didnt go over the price of the old ones but I did branch out and looked for something that spoke, "Im a razor, but Im still going to take care of you" Wow! And did they ever! I wanted to shave my head! These things are fantastic! Felt like I was shaving with a stick of butter!

Uh oh, gotta go. My son is begging for a pepto bismol tablet! Peace!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I still got it!!!

This really makes me laugh because well...read on.

So I noticed that I lost my wallet this afternoon while digging in my bottomless pit for the thing to get our insurance cards out. Since The troops and I havent left the house in the last couple of days I knew where I had to have lost it: The dreaded Wal-Mart! I called when I got home and sure enough, they told me it was there and I said Id be right there. I left the kids with my husband and bedraggled from the day I left the house as usual, a mess and I knew it and didnt care one bit! Walking into Wal-Mart I noticed someone collecting money for something but knowing I didnt have any money I somehow felt even guiltier than when I do and dont give at all. So, I simply smiled and said hello to which I got the response, "You are looking very lovely tonight Ma'am." Say wha...? Haha, reason number one this makes me laugh: I look lovely when one thinks I have money to give. Sorry brother, no dinero on this chica. But still I walked into Wal-Mart feeling a slight confidence boost nonetheless. When I reach customer service Im waiting for the manager to unlock my wallet from wherever they keep such valuables as my Target wallet with a broken zipper and no money in it. The girls start laughing and talking about some guy that works with them that saw my drivers license picture and begged them to call him to customer service so that he could give it to me when I got there. Haha, reason number two this makes me laugh: My drivers license picture was taken before I had children! I joked with the gals about this very thing and told them to break it gently to the boy that he was indeed decieved by the picture of the well rested, put together 21 year old that decorates the front of my wallet and that I was in fact a married woman. Break it gently to him, but lets not keep the boy thinking that all of us young flowers stay in full bloom forever if you know what I mean!

I by no means am saying I dont deserve compliment or think that I cant turn the head of a man anymore. I guess I just think a little differently now in terms of what it means to be beautiful so when I do encounter situations like this I have to laugh because beauty isnt what you see in a picture and it isnt even the confidence one might notice when you walk into a room. Real beauty is what comes out of your mouth and your heart. Every woman wants to know that she is still beautiful, but it means more when it comes from the men I spend my life with. My husband telling me Im beautiful right after Ive gotten both of the kids in bed, or times like this morning when my three year old opens his eyes at 530am and whispers, "Mommy, Youre beautiful" He is going to make the best husband one day:)

Yup, I still got it!

Sick of being sick!

A couple of weeks ago the critters came down with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. The sickness lasted about a week and I thought all was well. Well, last week E threw up in the middle of the night twice! and now Harps is following and has puked the last two nights! What in the world is going on with the critters?! They are fine during the day, and puke at night! Also, Ive been really dizzy lately and not sure if its related to the sickness in the kids or what, but we are all three going to the doc at 4pm today to figure out what is going on with us! On a side note, Im starting to get used to the smell of vomit, although still unpleasantly recognizable, I dont gag whenever the pungent aroma hits my nostrils:)

E has not puked since last thursday night, fingers crossed he doesnt again, but we are onto a new, but not foreign, problem with him: constipation! Let me tell you that child went from diarrhea city to me pumping prune juice down his throat to try and get anything moving down there! He has sat on the potty several times now with no brown buddies to show for it:( Hopefully we can get a monsturd out before the appointment so I can tell them something good!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kathie Lee Gifford

Yes, this is the title to my first blog post. Its funny what strikes kids as awesome. Kathie Lee is no exception. I turned on the television this morning so Eli could watch some good old PBS but was instead welcomed to the set of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Just as I was about to turn the channel Eli says, " Mommy! I like that girl in the green shirt!" I look up to see a glowing Mrs. Gifford in a kelly green blouse with gold charms hanging around the neckline. I agree she is something else, and then tell him what her name is. Then, for the next 5 minutes I hear repeatedly from my three year old son, "I like Kathie Lee Gifford mom." Sweet.

The muffins are done! We are sitting at the table and I hear Eli saying to himself as he eats the top off my first muffin, "I love mommy. Shes just my special girl." He gets a little louder then and makes sure I hear, " Yeah, and Im gonna buy you a rainbow dress with sparkles on it!" Even sweeter.Haha, eat my sparkly dust Kathie Lee!