Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sick of being sick!

A couple of weeks ago the critters came down with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. The sickness lasted about a week and I thought all was well. Well, last week E threw up in the middle of the night twice! and now Harps is following and has puked the last two nights! What in the world is going on with the critters?! They are fine during the day, and puke at night! Also, Ive been really dizzy lately and not sure if its related to the sickness in the kids or what, but we are all three going to the doc at 4pm today to figure out what is going on with us! On a side note, Im starting to get used to the smell of vomit, although still unpleasantly recognizable, I dont gag whenever the pungent aroma hits my nostrils:)

E has not puked since last thursday night, fingers crossed he doesnt again, but we are onto a new, but not foreign, problem with him: constipation! Let me tell you that child went from diarrhea city to me pumping prune juice down his throat to try and get anything moving down there! He has sat on the potty several times now with no brown buddies to show for it:( Hopefully we can get a monsturd out before the appointment so I can tell them something good!!

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  1. Oh yeeeaaah! At least it was still there! Thank God! Someone could've stolen your identity... but then again, they probably realized no one would believe they were as pretty as you!