Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soccer Mom

Well, I am officially a soccer mom and proud of it! My Eli is soooo stinkin cute out there! Imagine his beautiful little blond head bouncing about as he runs after, and then around the ball that he is supposed to be kicking toward a goal somewhere! Absolutely darling! I love seeing his face as we cheer him on while he is running his heart out. His enthusiasm when his coach tells him its his turn out on the field. How he is the first one at the ball ready to hand it back to the coach the minute it hits the inside of the goal net. He is excitement and love and joy and energy balled up into the most amazing little boy you will ever meet. My husband and I were talking with a friend tonight about kids and their energy as we had met a boy tonight on the field that was playing with my husband and just wanted some playful attention. His mom had made a comment about him not having his medication today and it really made me sad. Since when are kids supposed to act like little robots that sit quietly and make no noise until summoned by an adult to say what they are supposed to say? Kids are supposed to be rowdy, loud, crazy, playful, explorers! They are supposed to drive you alittle up the wall sometimes! They are supposed to kick the ball into the wrong goal...thrice! Its cute! Those are what memories are made of! Those are how relationships are made! I hate to see kids amazing ability to freely and wildly investigate how the world works be medicated with drugs that turn them into little zombies. I wouldnt change the heart of a child for anything. That is why I absolutely LOVE it when I see my son dancing around on the soccer field, stop what he is doing to watch an airplane pass by, laugh his head off while he discovers a new strange sound he can made with his mouth, etc! My heart absolutely finds joy in seeing my kid act like a kid. When I can tell he is enjoying himself and enjoying being carefree and silly that is when I know that I am doing something right as a mother. Now I just gotta get me a minivan!

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