Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I still got it!!!

This really makes me laugh because well...read on.

So I noticed that I lost my wallet this afternoon while digging in my bottomless pit for the thing to get our insurance cards out. Since The troops and I havent left the house in the last couple of days I knew where I had to have lost it: The dreaded Wal-Mart! I called when I got home and sure enough, they told me it was there and I said Id be right there. I left the kids with my husband and bedraggled from the day I left the house as usual, a mess and I knew it and didnt care one bit! Walking into Wal-Mart I noticed someone collecting money for something but knowing I didnt have any money I somehow felt even guiltier than when I do and dont give at all. So, I simply smiled and said hello to which I got the response, "You are looking very lovely tonight Ma'am." Say wha...? Haha, reason number one this makes me laugh: I look lovely when one thinks I have money to give. Sorry brother, no dinero on this chica. But still I walked into Wal-Mart feeling a slight confidence boost nonetheless. When I reach customer service Im waiting for the manager to unlock my wallet from wherever they keep such valuables as my Target wallet with a broken zipper and no money in it. The girls start laughing and talking about some guy that works with them that saw my drivers license picture and begged them to call him to customer service so that he could give it to me when I got there. Haha, reason number two this makes me laugh: My drivers license picture was taken before I had children! I joked with the gals about this very thing and told them to break it gently to the boy that he was indeed decieved by the picture of the well rested, put together 21 year old that decorates the front of my wallet and that I was in fact a married woman. Break it gently to him, but lets not keep the boy thinking that all of us young flowers stay in full bloom forever if you know what I mean!

I by no means am saying I dont deserve compliment or think that I cant turn the head of a man anymore. I guess I just think a little differently now in terms of what it means to be beautiful so when I do encounter situations like this I have to laugh because beauty isnt what you see in a picture and it isnt even the confidence one might notice when you walk into a room. Real beauty is what comes out of your mouth and your heart. Every woman wants to know that she is still beautiful, but it means more when it comes from the men I spend my life with. My husband telling me Im beautiful right after Ive gotten both of the kids in bed, or times like this morning when my three year old opens his eyes at 530am and whispers, "Mommy, Youre beautiful" He is going to make the best husband one day:)

Yup, I still got it!

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