Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a Feeling!

Wow! First of all, I was able to shower today, by myself I might add, for the first time in...oh I dont even know how long! Disgusting, I know. I mean, I even got to shave my legs people! My husband will be so happy! A very pleasant experience today as well due to the fact taht I just bought some new razors the other night. Noxzema spa shave 4 blades baby!! I usually just grab the regular colorful cheap ones but this last trip to the store I was alone, so I decided to make this choice a thoughtful one. Granted, I didnt go over the price of the old ones but I did branch out and looked for something that spoke, "Im a razor, but Im still going to take care of you" Wow! And did they ever! I wanted to shave my head! These things are fantastic! Felt like I was shaving with a stick of butter!

Uh oh, gotta go. My son is begging for a pepto bismol tablet! Peace!

1 comment:

  1. Ahahah! Now he thinks those babies are magic pills! Love your blog posts! Funny, to the point, and actually have something to them other than getting up on a soapbox or bragging... not to say people can't do that on their own blog, but yours is fun to read and doesn't waste time :)